Fuck Humans



In order to live in harmony, Humans and monsters are forbidden from having relations with one another. Will this peace last?

Fuck Humans is a light-hearted romantic sex romp filled with gayness and characters of color. Listen in as Bask, a dragon hybrid, and Angel, a snarky human, discover their feelings for each other (as well as each other’s body) in a world that forces them apart.

The Creator

Chelsea is the creator, director, sound designer, and everything else that’s not voice acting for Fuck Humans. She enjoys video games, cartoons, and being a (responsible) pervert.

Cast & Crew

Bask & Asmodeus by The Monster Boyfriend (Patreon)

Angel by Ben Russel

Cheri by Sun Lily

Vesta by Aero_buddy

Daphne by Jessica Boudreau

Queen Imani by Forenza Audio

King Jamal by JroyalVa (Instagram)

Pascal & Hisstoper by LewdAudio

Doctor Bee by Dallas Wheatley

Prince Vex by JV Hampton Vansant

Lyric by Vyn Vox

Elmer by Kyle Nishimura

Background Characters by Brandon Jenkins ( @bpjenkin123088 )& Tal Minear & Amethyst Ocean

Written & Sound Designed by Chelsea Chelsey

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What are people saying?

“It really does have it all: interesting anatomies, well written settings and world building that allow some justification for all the vulgar shit we’re here for, and that goes without stating that the production is top notch. 

Soundscaping is damn near perfect, casting is near excellent with the character Bask having a voice like melted caramel, and the build up to the sexy parts truly matters due to the steady pace of its writing. ” – CakeRadio

“They fucked nature and it was beautiful and I loved it.”- Monster Trash

As is so often the case with a project made for the love of the genre and art, this story has more depth than every Hollywood plot combined, is twice as well acted as any generic media production, and contains more consent in the saxophoniest episode than I have ever seen in any so-called Romance Movie produced by a major company. Add to that some excellent pacing and really fun monster saxophones, and you have an absolute winner. i am shocked that it took me this long to find. Brave, team.-A Stitcher review by IronDog

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Fuck Humans is very interested in working with the NSFW podcast community. If you would like to do a cross promotion or wish to collab in any other way. Please email chelseamakespodcasts@outlook.com

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